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Avantime – ”Avant” from French for “ahead” and ”time” – Ahead of time or simply ”cutting edge”. That’s where we want to be. Our name reflects our will to always stay a step ahead of the norm and find new interesting mixes, synergies and ways of doing things. At Avantime Group we develop digital business models, strategies and integrated marketing with the goal of creating competitive advantage and measurable results for our customers. We do this by shaping new synergies between the five key business areas of Management, Marketing, Creative, Media Production and Development. We produce among other things pre-studies, Web Applications, Intranet solutions, iPhone and Android Apps as well as Marketing plans for digital media.



Avantime Management

Avantime Management works strategically at an executive level at our customers. We help our clients with consulting on strategies and business development. Be it positioning, competitive analysis, setting a vision, brand strategy, sales support, process mapping or leadership – All with a crystal clear connection to modern cost effective IT Management.

Avantime Marketing

Avantime Marketing delivers strategic and tactical online marketing with documented effectiveness and effect. We can deliver outstanding automated and integrated Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with a direct link to set conversion goals with a given timeline. A unique and for the customer completely cost neutral budget model opens up new possibilities and perspectives to marketing. Avantime Marketing makes sure to follow up on each delivered solution with a thorough analysis which allows for the measuring and optimization of traffic flows, conversion levels, and traffic patterns as well as real time optimization of online advertising via for example Google and Facebook.

Avantime Creative

Avantime Creative spawns communicative concepts and designs to help realize set strategies and goals.

Avantime Media

Avantime Media production bring life to images and can complete your event or campaign with clips and videos.

Avantime Development

Avantime Development realizes concept, design and integrations using among others Microsoft .NET, C#, PHP and Facebook. Output includes web development, interactive GUIs and mobile solutions regardless of platform such as iPhone and iPad (iOS), Android or Windows Mobile. In addition to this we of course manage and drive integration with underlying business systems and models, all to create more value and return on investment for our customers.

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