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To work at Avantime

To work at Avantime is fun, developing and engaging. You work in an organization filled with knowledge and with great colleagues in several exciting and interesting projects.
Our collegaues are our most important asset.
Below is a list of some of the areas where our employees excel and what makes us different from other similar companies.

Avantimes colleagues- engaged and ”nervarande”

When we get the opportunity to participate and develop digital solutions that makes a difference, we’re at our best!
The projects we deliver always follow the customers longterm strategy and goals.
When we are attendant and engaged throughout the whole project the result is a success.
We always strive to keep a constant connection and keep a nerve tapped into the projects that we are working with – we call it ”nervarande”, to be always present.

We are a social company

To work at Avantime is fun. Vi are a pretty big crowd who enjoys socialising together.
We have a sports club and several of us takes a great interest in food and wine.
And of course we love new digital solutions.

We work together

Normally we don’t keep consultants at our customer sites, instead we want our colleagues near us, on our premises.
That’s when we can share and use each others knowledge and experience in the best ways.
This makes our work more developing and efficient – something that benefits both colleagues and customers.

We believe in talent and new ideas

Talent and ideas are something to make the most of.
Sometimes our colleagues comes up with a great ideas and develops such a good solutions that we make them into products.
An example of this is Inphiz, the new generation of mobile intranets, which have reach high effect in engagement and efficiency among out customers employees.

Our company benefits

Avantime offers many work benefits that creates security and a better work enviroment.
Monetary wise we offer several bonus programs that are highly regarded.
Read more about employee benefits here.