Merck – Inphiz EVA app

Digital workplace - on the go!

When we first met Merck at a conference in Frankfurt back at the end of 2015, their biggest challenge was how to mobile enable the intranet “EVA” for over 50 000 users. ”EVA” was built on SharePoint 2013 on premises, so getting a really nice mobile experience turned out to be quite a challenge. Fortunately for Merck, we had just the product for their need! It’s called Inphiz.

The initial phase consisted of selecting what parts of the intranet they wanted to aggregate and make available in the Inphiz app. This was visualized based on the selected use cases and complementary technical workshops. The primary objective was to map the user experience with API’s, aggregated through the Inphiz middle layer to see how Inphiz could consume the data. Then it was all about connecting the user stories with business value and voilà, Inphiz called “EVA Mobile App” was born!

Inphiz EVA was first rolled out in Merck “Appstore” 2016 and during 2019 it will be released to all employees in public app stores. Since 2016 Inphiz EVA have become a natural part of the employees workday. Thousands of daily users turn to Inphiz EVA to find experts within Merck or catch up on the latest news on the run. All users can provide their own social updates to share their work or get access to project documentation. All driven by push notifications that creates an automated employee engagement.

När 2015-pågående
Om kunden Merck is a leading science and technology company in healthcare, life science and performance materials. Founded in 1668 by Friedrich Jacob Merck in Darmstadt, Germany. Today the company has more than 50 000 employees in 66 countries, and the net sales in 2017 reached 15,327 MEUR.